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We're Not A Marketing Agency


Our Mission

We're not a marketing agency, we're your partner, delivering first-class services without the high price tag. Our mission is simply to provide effective, efficient, and affordable marketing services for businesses of any size or budget.


We're confident that even a little marketing can go a long way. That's why we designed a fixed price subscription service, to provide quick wins and hyper targeted strategies for a set price.  

Our Story

With experience at the corporate level, as independent consultants, and with national agencies, we are seasoned veterans in the marketing industry.

Here's a little secret we discovered: regardless of the prestigious awards or high prices, marketing companies often provide similar services and results. That realization led us to believe that small businesses shouldn't have to pay premium prices for effective marketing services.


Also, we're proud to be a women-owned and managed marketing business.  


Our Clients

We've worked with a large variety of industries including: Restaurants, Food, Beverage, SaaS, Apps, Nonprofits, Gym/Wellness, Healthcare, Finance, Education, Podcasts, Fashion, eCommerce, Celebrity Lifestyle, Pharmacy, Herbs, Catering, Hospitality, Real Estate, Franchise's, Tradesmen, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Beauty. Our B2B and B2C clients have given us access to their scrappy startup budgets and multi-million dollar budgets - both are treated with the same level of importance. We've created very clear expectations and results for each marketing package tier, so that you'll have something tangible to reference. 

About Our CEO

Amanda Williams 

Amanda is a Fractional Digital Marketing Professional with over 10 years of Agency, Brand, Startup, and Consulting experience.

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