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Fixed Price Services

With our fixed price marketing packages you can say good-bye hourly charges and surprise invoice fees. You can choose  the service level that is right for your monthly marketing needs. Not sure which level to choose? No worries! After our initial call, we'll send you our recommendations. Schedule a call to get started!


Bonus! Clients can cancel and move between packages with a 30 day notice. 

Monthly Marketing Packages

  • Marketing Assistant Package

    Every month
    Ideal for Trades & Startups: Construction, Landscaping, Electricians, Plumbing, & More
    • 8 Facebook Posts*
    • 6 Instagram Posts*
    • 1 GMB Post
    • Follow Ad $100 budget (included in price)
  • Marketing Coordinator Package

    Every month
    Suited for a Variety of Businesses: Realtors, Healthcare, Gyms, Restaurants, SaaS, Salons, & Beyond
    • 12 Facebook posts*
    • 12 Instagram posts*
    • 1 GMB post every other week
    • 1 Email a month
    • Page Follow Ad $100 budget (included in price)
    • Traffic Ad $100 budget (included in price)
  • Marketing Manager Package

    Every month
    Tailored for E-commerce Products, Thought Leadership, Education, Apps, & Others
    • 16 Facebook posts*
    • 16 Instagram posts*
    • 1 GMB a week
    • 1 Email every other week
    • Page Follow Campaign $100 budget (included in price)
    • Traffic Campaign $200 budget (included in price)
    • 1 Hour Meeting once a month

Best Value

Fractional CMO Package



Every month

Perfect for businesses looking for expert marketing guidance without the cost and commitment.

20 Facebook posts*

18 Instagram post*

1 GMB post a week

1 Email every other week

Up to 10 Hours of Strategic Marketing Services

Page Follower Ad $100 budget (included in price)

Traffic Ad $200 budget (included in price)

1 Hour Meeting once a month

Additional Packages

  • Website Optimization Package

    Tailored for Businesses Seeking Improvement or Management, Not Redesign
    Valid for one month
    • Give Copy and Design Recommendations
    • Make Agreed Upon Changes/Update to Website
  • Paid Advertising Package

    Every month
    +$1,000 Discovery & Creation
    Designed for Businesses Ready to Launch Paid Advertising Campaigns
    • Initial Fee of $1000 to provide 3 Ad Drafts & 2 Edit Rounds
    • $500 Monthly Fee for Optimization & Analytics
  • Business Startup Package

    Suited for Businesses without a Marketing Presence
    Valid for one month
    • 12 Social Posts*
    • 1 Style Guide
    • 1 Landing Page
    • 1 Email Template Creation
    • 1 Hour Strategy Meeting
 *We will customize your social media strategy to serve the platform where your customers are most active.
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