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Expert Marketing Services, Without the Agency Price Tag or Entry-Level Oversights

You're more than small potatoes to us. 

At Prix Fixe Marketing, we specialize in working with small businesses (or what others in the industry might consider - small potatoes). We're dedicated to providing our potatoes with access to the expertise and services typically reserved for larger companies. 

Small Business Struggles: Addressing the Common Problems of Conventional Marketing

The Problem with Assistants

Employing a Marketing Assistant, with an average salary of $49K, might appear budget-friendly initially. However, when factoring in benefits and the hidden costs of their inexperience, such as crucial mistakes and inefficient strategies, the perceived savings can swiftly turn into significant financial drains. This choice, seemingly economical, can unexpectedly lead to escalating expenses and hindered marketing progress.

The Problem with Consultants

Hiring an Expert Consultant can seem like a promising investment, given their experience and the specialized knowledge they claim to bring. However, their hourly rates, ranging from $100 to $175, can quickly escalate, coupled with potential challenges in maintaining clear communication and achieving the desired results. Plus, with no strict standards, anyone can claim to be a consultant, making it hard to truly assess their skills, experience, and education. This uncertainty can lead to costly missteps in your marketing strategy.

The Problem with Agencies 

Working with a Traditional Agency presents its own set of challenges. These agencies typically charge anywhere from $900 to $20K per month, often breaking down costs to the minutest detail, including every email and phone call. This meticulous itemization can lead to unexpectedly high bills, as every interaction is counted as part of their service. This pricing model can not only strain your budget but also create a barrier to open and frequent communication, essential for effective marketing collaboration and strategy development.

The Solution

Our adaptable model is designed to grow with your business, ensuring that your marketing investments align perfectly with your evolving earnings for maximum impact. We offer the versatility to select the package that best fits your monthly marketing goals, and we understand that needs change — that's why we provide the flexibility to cancel or switch between packages with just a 30-day notice, keeping your strategy as dynamic as your business.


Getting Started With Prix Fixe

Here's what next steps look like in our process: 

15-min call

Your time is valuable. That's why we ask that you fill out our survey before the call.  At the end of our 15 minute call we'll have everything we need to move on to the next step of the process. 


Now that we have a good understanding of your business goals, our team of experts will put together both short and long-term  recommendations. 


You'll choose a fixed-price marketing package level to start at and we'll start the onboarding process. With a 30-day notice, you can pause or adjust services as needed.

Explore our Monthly Package Prices & A La Carte Menu

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